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Prof. Dr. Mareike Kühne

Professor Mareike Kühne is an economist and philosopher whose research interests target normative conceptions of practical and economic rationality, decision making, and neuro-economics.

Contact Information

Portrait von Professor Mareike Kühne
  • Fachbereich Wirtschaft
  • Technische Hochschule Brandenburg | University of Applied Sciences
  • Magdeburger Straße 5014770 Brandenburg an der Havel

Academic Positions

Since March 2016:
Professor of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg (THB)
Previous academic positions:
Professor of Business Administration at HWTK, Berlin; Post-doc at Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt and lecturer at Humboldt University Berlin and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


  • Doctoral thesis on financial reporting as an instrument of regulating capital markets in the U.S. and implications for policy design in Germany
  • Studies of Business Administration, Philosophy and Neuroscience in Magdeburg, Berlin and San Diego


2009 – 2012:
KPMG AG, Berlin, Senior Manager (Department of Professional Practice)
2004 – 2009:
German Accounting Standards Committee (National Standard Setter), Berlin, Project Manager
2001 – 2003:
Siemens Real Estate, Munich, Manager
1998 – 2001:
KPMG AG, Consultant


  • Starting Grant (Postdoctoral Research), Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt
  • Publication Grant, Siemens, 2001
  • Fulbright Scholarship, 1997-1998

Relevant Publications

  • Having worked in standard setting and policy consulting, I am strongly interested in the relevance of findings from the neurosciences and behavioral psychology for this area. I am especially interested in questions (and implications) of the rarely discussed normative framework underlying such research.
  • Entscheidungen beurteilen (2015), in: “Neuroimaging and Neuroeconomics”, University of Münster, 2015
  • What is wrong with akrasia?, Working Paper in progress
  • Kapitalmarktorientierte Rechnungslegung nach US GAAP: Weiterentwicklung deutscher Rechnungslegungsregeln vor dem Hintergrund US-amerikanischer Einflüsse, Berlin, 2002

Presentations on current research

  • Brain Awareness Week, Berlin School of Mind and Brain/ Humboldt University Berlin, 2015
  • ABC Research Group (Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer), Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, 2014
  • Philosophical Colloquium School of Mind and Brain (Prof. Dr. Michael Pauen), Humboldt University Berlin, 2014 and 2012
  • Klausurwoche Neuroimaging und Neuroökonomie, University of Münster, Center for Bioethik, 2014
  • Guest Lecture, University of Erfurt, 2014
  • Colloquium, Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt, 2014
  • Doctoral Summer School, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, 2013
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