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Dr. Susanne Maria Uusitalo

Postdoctoral researcher Susanne Uusitalo is a scholar of applied philosophy and ethics. She specializes in philosophy of addiction and has published on several issues concerning addiction and autonomy in platforms ranging from neuroethics to public health ethics.

Contact Information

Portrait von Susanne Maria Uusitalo
  • Niklaksenkatu 6 as 4020100 Turku


University of Turku 2013 – 2015:
PhD in philosophy (Dec 16, 2015), thesis Addiction in Action
University of Turku 2006 – 2013:
Licentiate of Social Sciences in philosophy
University of Turku 2002 – 2006:
Master’s Degree in philosophy
University of Turku 1997 – 2004:
Master’s Degree in English philology


  • The Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies, Postdoctoral Project on gambling and self-control with Valtteri Arstila, December 2015 28.000€
  • Cluster Group Award for “Improving Ourselves as Moral Agents”, The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control, Florida State University ($5000), July 2015
  • National Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, travel grant (700€), spring 2015
  • The faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku, travel grant (200€), spring 2015
  • The faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku (4932€), spring 2015
  • The faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku (1.644€), autumn 2014
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation, Regional Fund (9.500€), spring 2014
  • University of Turku foundation, travel grant (400€), autumn 2013
  • National Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, travel grant (700€) spring 2013; (300€), autumn 2013
  • Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (11.500€), autumn 2013
  • Award in Building Networks in Addiction Studies (BNAS) E-Conference, July 23-27 2012 for significant contribution.
  • Small travel grants (100–400€) by the Department of Philosophy, University of Turku, Turun yliopistosäätiö and National Doctoral Programme of Philosophy in 2011–2012.
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation (21.000€), winter 2011
  • National Graduate School of Philosophy, travel grant (500€), spring 2010
  • University of Turku, Scholarship fund of Sofia and Wilhelm Fagerholm (440€), spring 2010
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation (21.000€), winter 2010
  • Turun Yliopistosäätiö, travel grant (1000€), spring 2009
  • Turun Suomalainen Yliopistoseura, Valto Takala’s Fund (1.500€), spring 2008
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation (18.000€), spring 2008
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation (16.000€), spring 2007
  • An applied and approved occupier of a research chamber restored of the Finnish president Mauno Koivisto’s childhood home maintained by the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • University of Turku, Scholarship fund of Fredrik, Elsa and Terttu Walkonen (580€), spring 2005

Relevant Publications

  • Koi, Polaris, Uusitalo, Susanne & Tuominen, Jarno. ”Self-Control in Responsibility Enhancement and Criminal Rehabilitation”. Criminal Law, Philosophy (2017). Uusitalo, Susanne. 2017. On the Wrongness of Exploitation and the Voluntariness of Consent in Clinical Research on Opioid Assisted Treatment. The American Journal of Bioethics, 17(12), pp. 44–45 Uusitalo, Susanne. 2017. Review - Vulnerability, Autonomy, and Applied Ethics by Christine Straehle (Editor) Routledge, 2016. Metapsychology online reviews. Sep 26th 21(39).
  • Uusitalo, Susanne & Broers, Barbara. 2016 Addiction, heroin-assisted treatment, and the idea of abstinence: A reply to Henden. Bioethics Epub.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2016. Book review on Candice L. Shelby. 2015. Addiction: A Philosophical Perspective. Palgrave MacMillan. Metapsychology Online Reviews (Volume 20, Issue 34):
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2016. Habituaalisen toiminnan haaste vapaalle toiminnalle[The challenge of habitual action to free action]. In Laiho, H. & Repo, A. (eds.) De Natura Rerum. Scripta in honorem professoris Olli Koistinen sexagesimum annum complentis. Reports from the Department of Philosophy, University of Turku. Painosalama: Turku, 270-281.
  • van der Eijk, Yvette & Uusitalo, Susanne. Towards a ‘Sociorelational’ Approach to Conceptualising and Managing Addiction. Public Health Ethics 9(2): 198-207.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2015. Eettinen katsaus biolääketieteelliseen addiktiotutkimukseen ja –hoitoon [Ethical perspective on biomedical addiction research and treatment]. Dosis 31(4): 239–247.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2015. Addiction in Action. Reports from the Department of Philosophy, University of Turku, Turku. Doctoral dissertation. Available at:
  • Uusitalo, Susanne & van der Eijk, Yvette. 2016. Scientific and Conceptual Flaws in Coercive Treatment Models in Addiction. Journal of Medical Ethics 42:18-21. doi:10.1136/medethics-2015-102910
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2015. ”Addiction, Recovery and Moral Agency” International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research available at:
  • Uusitalo, Susanne & Broers, Barbara. (online 2014) 2015. “Rethinking Informed Consent in Research on Heroin-Assisted Treatment” Bioethics 29(7):462-469. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12143
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. ”Addiktio – Uhka (tahdon)vapaudelle vai vapaata toimintaa?” [Addiction – a Threat to Free Will or a Case of Free Action?] In Tuukka Tammi & Pauliina Raento (eds.) Addiktioyhteiskunta: Riippuvuus aikamme ilmiönä. [Addiction Society: Dependence as a Contemporary Phenomenon]Helsinki, Gaudeamus, 90-105.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. “Autonomy and DBS treatment for addicts” AJOB Neuroscience 2013 4(2): 49–50. Open peer commentary.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne, Salmela, Mikko & Nikkinen, Janne. "Addiction, Agency, and Affects - Philosophical Perspectives" Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 2013 (30)33–50
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2011.  “Tahdonheikkous ja hyvinvointi” [Weakness of Will and Well-Being]. In Saari, J. (ed.) Hyvinvointi – Suomalaisen yhteiskunnan perusta. [Well-Being – the Foundation of the Finnish Society] Helsinki, Gaudeamus, 264–287.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2011. “On Addicts’ Moral Responsibility and Agency” Res Cogitans 8(1)77–91. Special issue Neuroethics and Consciousness.
  • Räikkä, Juha & Uusitalo, Susanne. 2011 “Agency, Individual”. In Chatterjee, Deen K. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Global Justice, Springer 17–18.
  • Siipi, Helena and Uusitalo Susanne. 2011. ”Consumer Autonomy and Availability of Genetically Modified Food” Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 24(2): 147–163 DOI: 10.1007/s10806-010-9250-x
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  • Uusitalo, Susanne. 2009. “Uskomusten rooli tahdonheikkoutta ilmentävissä teoissa ja addiktiivissa teoissa.” [The Role of Beliefs in Weak Willed Acts and Addictive Acts] In Pietarinen, A-V, Pihlström, S & Toppinen, P. (eds.) Usko.[Belief] Helsinki, Filosofisia tutkimuksia Helsingin yliopistosta 22. 221–231.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. “Addiktio” [Addiction] Logos- encyclopaedia entry.  Published 2nd February 2009, available at:
  • Siipi, Helena & Uusitalo, Susanne. “Consumer Autonomy and Sufficiency of GMF Labeling” Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 21(2008): 353–369.
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  • Räikkä, Juha & Uusitalo, Susanne. ”’Addiktion syytä’ – riippuvuus ja pakottavat halut selittävinä käsitteinä” [Because of Addiction – dependence and compulsive desires as explanatory concepts] In Gylling, H. Niiniluoto, I. & Vilkko, R. (eds.) Syy. [Cause] Helsinki, Gaudeamus 2007, 319–334.
  • Uusitalo, Susanne. Addiktion paheksunnan jäljillä [Tracing the Blame in Addiction] Ajatus 63, Suomen Filosofisen Yhdistyksen vuosikirja 2006: 257-70.
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