Project Members

Dr. Samuli Reijula

Postdoctoral researcher Samuli Reijula (formerly Pöyhönen) is a philosopher of science with an interest in cognitive sciences.

Contact Information

Portrait von Samuli Pöyhönen
  • Social and Moral Philosophy
  • University of Helsinki
  • PO BOX 2400014 University of Helsinki

Academic Positions

2016 - 2017:
Visiting researcher: Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
2015 - 2018:
Post-doctoral researcher (Academy of Finland), Project “Foundations of classification and category-based induction in the social and behavioral sciences”, University of Helsinki


PhD thesis (2013):
Chasing Phenomena. Studies on classification and conceptual change in the social and behavioral sciences, University of Helsinki

Relevant Publications

  • Ylikoski, P & S Pöyhönen 2015. Addiction-as-kind hypothesis. International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research, 4(1): 21–25.
  • Pöyhönen, S. 2014. Explanatory power of extended cognition, Philosophical Psychology 27/5, 735-759.
  • Pöyhönen, S. 2014. Intentional concepts in cognitive neuroscience, Philosophical Explorations, 17: 93–109
  • Kuorikoski, J & S Pöyhönen. 2012. Looping kinds and social mechanisms, Sociological Theory, 30:3, 187–205.
  • Ehrig, T, K Katsikopoulos, J Kuorikoski, S Pöyhönen, and S Sunder. Limitations of behaviorally informed policy under social interaction. Working Paper, 2015
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