Team louvain-la-neuve

Topic and Research

The Louvain-la-Neuve team is mainly focused on the interaction between the philosophy of mind and neuroeconomics, behavioural economics and policy making. Our main strengths are related to an already existing project, the ARC project, and the consequential expertise on neuroscience and free will.

Starting from the free will perspective, we aim to enquire different aspects on how the philosophy of science may inform neuroeconomics and behavioural economics.

Three distinct topics of inquiry are at the moment under scrutiny:

  • An historical aspects of utility measurement and decision making that aims to deepen the epistemological and methodological understanding from an history and philosophy of science perspective
  • The integration of conceptual tools coming from the philosophy of mind and philosophy of moral responsibility to deepen the understanding of behavioural bias in behavioural economics and the problems that arise in policy making.
  • The impact that contemporary research in neuroscience may have on the understanding of theoretical economic concepts, especially on measurement theory of neuroutility and related notions.


Prof. Dr. Bernard Feltz

Bernard Feltz is our team leader. He works on the philosophy of science with a focus on the interaction between philosophy of mind and language at UCL. Read More

Prof. Dr. Marcus Missal

Marcus Missal is professor of neuroscience at UCL. Professor Missal's main research topic is time and causality perception in health and disease. Read More

Dr. Andrew Sims

Postdoctoral researcher Andrew Sims has interests in the philosophy of mind, action, and cognitive science. He is currently interested in the interplay between neuroscientific models of decision-making and philosophical theories of action. Read More

Dr. Thomas Michael Mueller

Thomas Michael Mueller is a postdoc at UCL, who works directly on the INSOSCI project. He is responsible for the logistic, and works on the three topics we actually develop. Read More

Anna Drozdzewska

Read More


Our Results

As soon as we have publishable results from one of our (sub-)projects, you will be able to access them here. We strongly encourage you to return to this site repeatedly to check if we have updated the content here.

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